Pike Thomas family

Kicklighter Genealogy

The descendants of
Mary Magadalene Kicklighter
James Harvey
Bryan County, Georgia
1841 - 1911

Mary Magdalene Kicklighter, daughter of Andrew Kicklighter, Sr. and Mary Thomas, was born on 10 Dec 1841 in Bulloch County, Georgia.

Mary married James Harvey about 1861. James was born in 1840 in Georgia and died in 1880 at age 40. They had ten children: James, Jackson, Daniel, Jane, Josephine, Joseph W., Elizabeth, Jennie, Alfred S., and Henry Linton.1

  1. James Harvey, , Jr, was born about 1861 in Georgia.

  2. Jackson Harvey was born about 1867 in Georgia.

  3. Daniel Harvey was born about 1868 in Georgia.

  4. Jane Harvey was born about 1869 in Georgia.

  5. Josephine Harvey was born about 1870 in Georgia.

  6. Joseph W. Harvey was born about 1870 in Georgia.

  7. Elizabeth Harvey was born about 1874 in Georgia.

  8. Jennie Harvey was born about 1875 in Georgia.

    Jennie married Roberson. Roberson died before 1910. They had one daughter: May.

  9. Alfred S. Harvey was born in Apr 1876 in Georgia.

    Alfred married Sarah J. about 1898. Sarah died. They had one daughter: Lena E.

  10. Henry Linton Harvey was born about 1878 in Georgia.

    Henry married Sarah. Sarah was born about 1892 in Georgia. They had five children: Henry, Leroy, Pearlie Mae, Inez, and John Grady.

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1Information is provided tracing the family for two or three generations. Unfortunately, more recent data has to be omitted for privacy and security reasons.

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