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Beginning 1800 in
Bulloch County, Georgia

Isham B. Thomas (or Isum, Isom, Isam - take your pick) is thought to have been born in or around Bulloch County, Georgia about 1803. I do not know the identity of his parents and have so far been able to identify only two siblings, Mary (born about 1799) and Winifred (born about 1802). He is the current "brick wall" for this Thomas line and I am looking for any information regarding his ancestors and descendants.

There were four Thomas families in Bulloch County on the 1820 Federal census:

  1. John Thomas - page 6: age over 45, wife, 4 sons, 2 daughters
  2. John Thomas, Jr. - page 14: age 26 - 45, wife, 1 son, no daughters
  3. William Thomas - page 14: age over 45, wife, 2 sons, 6 daughters
  4. William Thomas - page 17: age 16 - 18, wife, 1 son and 1 female over 45

By 1830, there were only three Thomas families there:

  1. John Thomas - page 7: age 60 - 70, wife, 4 sons, 1 daughter
  2. Ryall C. Thomas - page 21: age 20 - 30, with probably wife, 1 son and mother or mother-inlaw
  3. William Thomas - page 21: age 40 - 50, 2 sons and no females in the household.

The 1840 census shows no Thomas households in Bulloch County.

The household of Mary Thomas Odum, identified as Isham's sister through a deed, is immediately adjacent to William Thomas on the 1830 census. Mary's household shows herself and 3 children with no adult male. This perhaps indicates Mary is a daughter or sister of William and living next to him as a single parent. If so, that would make William also Isham's father or brother.

Based on the location and neighbors, it appears that William Thomas on page 14 of the 1820 census is probably the same William Thomas on page 21 of the 1830 census despite the slight age discrepancy.

Another sibling of Isham and Mary is Winifred "Winney" Thomas, born about 1802, who married James Rimes in Bulloch County on February 17, 1824. In May 1849, after Mary's death, James Rimes was appointed guardian of Mary's orphaned, minor son, Godfrey Odum.

DNA testing has confirmed the link between Isham, Mary and Winifred. However, no link to their parents or other siblings has yet been been established.

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